Owen Boller is a Swiss-American businessman, luxury real estate advisor, and entrepreneur. He believes that success is defined by building long term relationships on a daily basis. Hailing from Zurich, Switzerland, Owen grew up with an appreciation for wealth management and learned the basics of finance early on. Since childhood, he was charmed by his uncle Ulrich who bought and sold resort properties internationally. After attending business school, Owen entered the real estate arena, and opened doors to a boutique firm, Boller Properties. The company serves the luxury second home market within a two hour radius from New York City.

Owen is also the founder and director of Save Our Species, a popular nonprofit where homeowners can donate unwanted household goods to the charity focussed on saving endangered wildlife along the east coast. Donations are appraised and resold at bargain prices. The profits are dispersed to various programs created to preserve species facing extinction. Donors receive a tax deduction in return.